How do I install a splashback?

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How do I install a splashback?

Installing your splashback is a simple DIY project with very few tools needed. For full instructions on installation please see our splashback installation guide.


  • Clean the wall surface thoroughly to remove any grease, dust or debris.
  • Use a level to mark a horizontal guideline where the top of the splashback will sit.
  • Cover any adjacent surfaces like countertops to protect them during installation.

Applying Adhesive:

  • Use the manufacturer's recommended adhesive/sealant for the splashback material.
  • Apply adhesive directly to the wall in a zig-zag or square pattern using a caulking gun or trowel.

Positioning the Splashback:

  • Carefully lift the splashback into position on the adhesive-applied wall.
  • Use plastic spacers or wooden shims to create a small gap between the splashback and countertops/cabinets for expansion.
  • Level and plumb the splashback using a level tool.

Securing the Splashback:

  • Once level, secure the splashback to the wall by applying pressure and bracing it temporarily if needed.
  • Use painter's tape or masking tape to hold it flush against the wall while the adhesive cures.

Sealing Edges:

  • After adhesive has initially set, apply a bead of silicone sealant along all edges where the splashback meets walls, counters, or cabinets.
  • Smooth the sealant with a finger or tool for a clean finish.
  • Allow proper curing time for the adhesive and sealant as specified by the manufacturer before use. This ensures a secure, waterproof installation.

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